About Us

Transformation Communities is a network of missional communities—groups of people who orient their lives around Jesus for the purpose of transforming our city and world.

You are invited to get involved in this unique new church in Yakima and join with us in living out our faith in simple, practical ways that will make a difference in your life and in the lives of others!

A Sent Church

Traditionally, churches have been about GATHERING, that is getting together for worship, preaching, learning, etc. Much of the focus is internal, and on keeping the institution functioning.

Following the model of the church in the first century Transformation Communities exist not for ourselves, but the world around us. We are SENT by God to make a difference!


We are all about following Jesus.

We believe that in Jesus God is restoring us to our created purpose and calling us to represent this good news in the world.

Following Jesus is not about head knowledge, but applying our beliefs through practical experiences. For that reason Transformation Communities provide real opportunities for growth through relationships and ministry.

To assist in your spiritual journey we will encourage you to participate in a number of personal and group rhythms that will make following Jesus a natural part of your life. We will help you live a balanced spirituality that includes elements of UP (connection with God), IN (relationships with other Christ-followers), and OUT (involvement in the world).

Get Involved!

If you’re ready to discover church as it was meant to be, then you are invited to become actively involved in one of our communities. If you are looking for a more traditional church experience we may not be for you.

Transformation Communities are multi-generational and open to people of all backgrounds. But, there are no perfect people allowed!

Come be part of the Transformation in Yakima and beyond!

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